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Introduction of Stretch Wrap Film
2010-09-08 17:15:06
Film manufacturer VZ Stretch (has introduced two new film products for wrapping goods on pallets. The first, , is a 100% new material pre-stretched LLDPE film, available with cardboard core. It has a very low thickness, allowing a reduction in consumption of up to 50% compared to standard films and resulting in optimisation of packaging costs and environmental considerations.

The film is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers high strength and puncture resistance, can be applied both manually and automatically and is pre-stretched, requiring minimal tension during application. It brings improved protection and containment even of particularly heavy loads, ensuring stability of palletised goods during handling.


The second new material to be introduced is machine stretch film, a three-layer, co-extruded film, which brings palletised goods high protection and reliability during both transport and storage. The material is highly puncture and impact resistant and provides secure packaging without tearing. It added that it is very versatile, with high elasticity and stretch, making it easy to use with a variety of packaging machine systems and allowing one size of film to adapt to a number of pallet formats while maintaining containing force.

“VZPack” also offers high clarity for easy reading of bar codes and visibility of goods. Heat-free application means it does not cling to the packaged goods and provides protection against humidity and dust. Applications include wrapping of brickwork, natural stones, self-blocking cement, cement blocks, chemical products, drinks and food products, fertilisers and soils as well as domestic appliances.

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