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    BOPP Packing Tape
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Product Abstract:

Size: 48mm*50micron Red,green, yellowish Colorful tape

Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Bopp packing tape is made of opp film with acrylic glue , high quality on base butyl acrylate.

Good tensile strength ,weather resistant and suitable for sealing of various cartons

Color: Transparent, brown, yellow, blue, red, green and so on. Any color can be available according to customer's requirements

Thickness: 0.035mm, 0.038mm, 0.040mm, 0.041mm, 0.042mm, 0.043mm, 0.044mm, 0.045mm, 0.048mm, 0.050mm, 0.051mm, 0.052mm, 0.053mm...

Width: 72mm 60mm 55mm 50mm 48mm 45mm 36mm 24mm 12mm

Length: According to customer's request

Diameter of Inner paper core: 38mm /76mm

Packing: 6pcs/ shrink  12shrinks/ carton 


Product Name Substrate Adhesive Type Adhesion to Peel(N/25mm) Holding Power(Hrs) Tensile Strength(N/cm) Elongation(%)
BOPP Packing tape BOPP Acrylic water base  ≥5  ≥48  ≥30  ≤180

Remarks:  The above data are for reference only

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